2020 Review Goals

Typically, my goal is to have reviews come out on Fridays. I have one review left from the end of 2019, which will come out next week, but this week I wanted to go over my website and review goals for the year.

They’re very simple, I’d like to try and do one review every week for all of 2020 (this week excluded). Ideally, on Fridays I’ll be having reviews for the books I’ve read so far that year. On Mondays, I’m looking into different types of content. TBRs and Recaps will be moving to Mondays, and I’ll also be doing some more favorites, list-type entries, and content other than reviews.

I’m excited to see how this format works for me this year, but it’s a work in progress. I may move back to only posting on Fridays, or I may stick with it all year. Only time will tell, but I’m excited!


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