The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid | Book Review

July 4th – 5th

This was the second book that I’ve read by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and I find myself asking how she creates characters that I instantly care so much about.

Evelyn Hugo is a hugely famous movie star. The novel follows Monique, a journalist struggling with her own personal and work relationships, as she becomes Evelyn Hugo’s biographer. Within the first few chapters, I was already hooked on finding out more about this person, her relationships, and all of the marriages that she had during her life.

I loved reading about this character. What I love about this author is how the relationships are so developed and so complex. I loved reading about her relationships with each of her husbands, and her overarching relationship with Celia. I liked the complexities of her relationship with her daughter, and I loved how much Monique grew as a result of listening to Evelyn’s life story.

This book handles a lot of things really well. Bisexuality first and foremost is a major component of Evelyn’s life and the way she identifies, and I think that it’s given the time on the page and the respect that it deserves. In addition, I think that the book handles her relationship with her first husband, a man who hits her, in a way that shows how complex difficult relationships can be.

This book was so close to being a five star read for me. My only criticism was that I didn’t like the “hooks” that kept insinuating at a mystery or a twist coming towards the end, and one which I felt was somewhat predictable. Though I don’t think I would have preferred for the twist to come completely out of nowhere, I didn’t need the bits at the end of the chapters which said things like “I was going to want to kill her by the end of this”, which I’m totally paraphrasing.

I’ve come to really love the way that Taylor Jenkins Reid writes, and though I probably won’t dive into the romance novels she’s previously written, I’ll continue to read new books she comes out with.


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