The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides | Book Review

June 11th – 12th

After reading this book, the cover says a lot more than I thought it did. Looking at it now, it’s very clearly the back of the painting, torn at the mouth of the person painted. When I originally looked at this cover, I was not a fan of it. It’s somewhat bland, and the red font struck me as far too dramatic and very typical thriller. Yet the book kept hitting list after list of thrillers to read in 2019.

And now I see why. The Silent Patient feels dreamy. The quick chapters bring you from one scene to the next without digestion or anything in between. You’re left wondering if Alicia did kill her husband, and more importantly, why.

I’ve found that there are three types of thrillers. There are thrillers that you expect coming from a mile away, the twists feeling more like my daily commute to work than a journey. These thrillers usually feel somewhat lackluster. There are the thrillers that totally surprise you, but these are few and far between. And then there’s the third type, which you can see coming, but it’s murky, not entirely clear. You can see the pieces and how they fit together, but it’s actually satisfying when they come together and make the image you were expecting.

The Silent Patient was this type of thriller. Though the twist did not come out of nowhere, it was a well written and slow burn. I really enjoyed it, and I think that it deserves its place on the many lists it’s made it onto.


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