Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence | Book Review

April 2nd – June 10th

I went into Grey Sister with pretty high expectations. Red Sister was such an unexpected favorite that I expected to jump into Grey Sister similarly and get lost in the continuation of this plot.

Grey Sister turned out to be much more of a slow burn than the first book, and because of that I had trouble getting into it. I ended up putting the book down for most of April and May, picking it back up about a week into June. When reading ahead, keep in mind that this is the second book in the series, so there may be spoilers for both books.

Following the events at the end of Red Sister, we continue with Nona three years later. She’s older, in a different class at Sweet Mercy, and has brought with her a demon named Keot who lives beneath her skin.

This book felt much more like the middle book in a series. The events moved slowly, setting up a grander picture to be wrapped up (hopefully) in the third and final book. I definitely enjoyed this. There was a good mix of politics (more than in the first book) with the role of the inquisition and Abbess Glass’s trial, and action (less than in the first book) with Kettle, Nona and Zole fighting through the hiding place of the Noi Guin.

The last 100 pages I was totally enamored, as everyone collected into one place for the climax of the book. I’m hoping that the third book in the series is paced more closely to the first book, but I’m excited to see the conclusion of the trilogy.


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