Final Girls by Riley Sager | Book Review

January 18th – 19th, 2019

Final Girls was my first “meh” book of the year. It started off as a really promising thriller and premise. A woman, Quincy Carpenter was the victim of a horrible massacre that happened to her college friends when they were away at a cabin for a weekend. Quincy was the only one who survived the attack, marking her as a “Final Girl”, IE following the trope in movies where only one girl gets out. She’s one of three Final Girls who are followed throughout the book, the other two being Lisa and Samantha.

When Lisa is found dead, Samantha (Sam) shows up at Quincy’s house. Quincy, who can’t remember the details of the night her friends were killed, wants to put her story and her past behind her, but Sam wants details, and to unlock her memory.

Even reading over that synopsis of the premise, I’m intrigued by it all over again. This story had so much promise and so much potential, and instead we got a tremendous lack of depth and a “twist” ending that was neither shocking nor particularly interesting to me. Sager tried to drop hints and red herrings along the way, which was the only break from the monotony of baking and walks in Central Park.

I found this book incredibly frustrating to read, which was disappointing since I had heard such great things about it. Sager has another thriller which came out in 2018 which I may give a try, since that one is much higher rated than this one was.

I’m hoping that other thrillers I read this year are better, but this is currently my lowest rated book of the year at three stars.