Vengeful by V.E. Schwab | Book Review

September 29th – October 5th

The wait is finally over. V.E. Schwab has released so much content recently, spanning across different age groups and genres. And this, the next installment in the Villains series.

This book takes place five years after the events of Vicious (review here), and continues to follow the original cast of characters from the first book, and a few new characters added into the mix, the shape-shifting June, and Marcella, who has the power to ruin anything she touches.

Spoilers for both books ahead.

At the end of the first book, Victor is in the ground, put there by Eli. Eli is in jail, captured by Detective Stell. Sydney and Mitch (along with Dol) are still driving, Sydney mourning the death of her sister.

And this book picks up right where it left off. We see Sydney bring Victor back, and all of the repercussions that this carries. Like the first book, this one is told from multiple perspectives, and bounces around in time, painting the picture that culminates in the final night.

The plot in this one is deceptively simple, but is executed perfectly. EON is a government agency who hunts down the EOs and neutralizes them, putting them in prisons. Eli is one of the EOs who is in this prison, and has agreed to work with Agent Stell to help track and find other EOs.

Victor is sick. Sydney bringing him back didn’t bring him back correctly, and every so often, Victor experiences the same death that he originally had to give him his power, and this is getting worse.

And then there’s Marcella, a woman who wants control and power and isn’t afraid to take it. After her attempted murder by her husband, she comes back full force with the power to ruin, and she uses it. She gets revenge on her husband, and then sets off to take over for the organized crime scene in Merit, the city that this book culminates in.

I loved this book a lot. Victoria Schwab’s writing is fluid and beautiful. I enjoyed this series so much and I’m definitely going to be moving her other series farther up on my TBR to read them sooner. She gives her characters so much depth, and I’ll read anything she writes.