It’s not a sad day, I promise you. 

This past month, I’ve been working pretty hard to clean out my apartment. I have way too much stuff, and I needed to get rid of some of it. I went through every nook and cranny, through bins and boxes and back closets with too many spiders. I realized during this tirade of cleaning that most of the things taking up my space were books.

This isn’t a problem. I love my books. I have literally hundreds that I’ve read and loved. But the main problem was that I had hundreds more which I hadn’t read, hadn’t loved, and didn’t have any plans to continue with. To add to that, I also didn’t have the space for all of my books.

My living room has four bookcases in it. All four were stacked completely full, and most of them had two rows of books to accommodate the large volume that I had. It was time to get rid of them.

So, I sorted. I spent two full days going through and individually deciding on which books I was going to get rid of. Did I read the book? Did I have any plans to read the book if not? Did I enjoy the book when I did read it? Would I re-read the book? If the answer was no to most of these questions, the book was destined to find a new home.

Total, I donated over 180 books. 180! That’s bananas! These books all found a good home at a local donation center, and now I have less clutter in my house as a result. Two car-loads later and my house feels better, my bookshelves have slightly more room (though still not a ton, let’s be honest) and I can actually see the spines of most of them.

I will need to get more shelves eventually, because I know this isn’t going to curb my appetite for new books, but it’s a start, and those books will all find better homes.


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